Friday, 5 July 2013

Faces Bloom Collection- A MUA's Review # Part 2

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I am back as I had promised last time with the swatches of the Eye Shadow, Glosses, Blushes and the Eye Pencils.

Hope you guys read my first post on this blog titled- Faces Bloom Collection- A MUA's Review # Part 1 and like my review. In case you missed it, check out this link- 

I wanted to write one big review for this collection but then I thought that it would be too lengthy and therefore divide this into 2 parts.
In my last post I had spoken about the Packaging, the Quality of the brushes and that of the Make-up products. But today I am going to show you how the products actually fare.

Lets start with the Blushes should we?

So this Collection as I had mentioned contains two blushes. They are well pigmented and last pretty long. The two shades- (one lighter than the other as you can see above) can be made to work in creating certain looks as per the need.
These are the swatches for the two shades of the blushes

Now coming to the Eye Pencils

The colour of the Eye Pencils as you can see are not that great. Another thing that doesn't work for me is that they are not smudge-proof.

Over to the Glosses now -
As I had mentioned in my 1st post that these glosses lack colour and don't last well too. The quantity isn't enough and it's a mess while one tries to take it out of these trays. It would have been better in a tube form or in the form of a vial.
Last but not the least- The Eyeshadows


There are 24 eye shadows in all in this collection. Here I have some swatches to show you the colours and the pigmentation of these Eye Shadows.

Please excuse me for the blurry pictures, couldn't get correct lighting while clicking these swatches.

Hope you enjoyed the two posts that I did and will now be looking forward to your comments.

P.S.- All the pics of Post 1 and 2 have been clicked by me. Should you require these photographs please do mention the link. We will appreciate if our work is appreciated by dropping a line before using these photographs.

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  1. Hi.I love ur detailed review.I am thinking about buying it for myself.I love makeup although by no means I am any pro ;) but do u think it will b good choice for me,i am of fair complexion. One more thing,are the shadows matt or shimmery?

  2. Hi Monali!

    Thanks for commenting on our article. You are the first person to comment on our blog.
    *hoot* *hoot*. We can't tell you how delighted we are.
    To go back to your queries. The Faces Collection has both matte and shimmer eye- shadows. If you use them along with a base then it will certainly make you look drop dead gorgeous. You will also find that the two blushes in this collection are matte and shimmery.
    Overall I think, this could be a great buy for you.
    Don't forget to get in touch with us if you have more queries.