Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review- Revlon Colorstay One-stroke Defining Eyeliner in Blackest Black

By Nivedita

Hello Lovely Ladies!!!

Today I would be reviewing the ‘Revlon Colorstay One-stroke Defining Eyeliner in Blackest Black’. This post isn't only going to be about reviewing a product, I will also share my own journey with this product.
Image source- http://static.violetbag.com/4857-large/revlon-colorstay-one-stroke-defining-eyeliner-blackest-black.jpg

This is one of those Revlon products that I have used year after year for a considerable period of time.
I first started using it way back in, I guess 2007 or 2008. This had launched somewhere during that time when I used to be in college and buying an eye pencil for around 400 INR or so with my pocket money was a big thing!!!
I was always in search of that perfect jet black eye pencil / kajal that would not smudge and having come acccross this I immediately bought it. I had a penchant for thickly kohl lined eyes with the blackest of black kajal. I started wearing kajal when I was in high school and by the time I finally found this baby, I guess I had already tried almost every other drugstore kajal but all failed miserably to give that smudge proof jet black effect!!!

The very first time I used it, I realised what I had finally found!!! This was it. The perfect jet black kajal that too with just one light stroke.It became by HG.
I continued using it till 2011.

Well you all will get to know why I stopped using it inspite of being in love with it!!!