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Faces Bloom Collection- A MUA's Review # Part 1

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I am Nivedita, a Make-Up Artist, Hair Stylist & Cosmetologist by profession based in Kolkata. Many of my friends often keep asking me about different products, their use, effects, quality, price, reviews and opinion time and again. While answering many such queries it has often struck me that I should start a blog where I can pen down all my honest reviews. It is here, through this blog that I would like to start this new journey of mine.

What I am reviewing today is the Faces Bloom Collection.

Let’s get started.

Faces Bloom Collection

Faces Canada launched their Bloom Collection sometime back. Though it seems it was launched somewhere in the mid 2012 but it was made available only in 2013, that too mostly in online stores.
I did check the usual retail stores in Kolkata like Pantaloons, Westside & Shoppers Stop but they didn’t have it. The SA said that they didn’t have ‘any stock’, but their little or no knowledge towards the product said they never even saw it.

Now coming to the actual baby..


What the Brand Claims:

Put together your personalized compact with any of the eye shadows, lip gloss and blush interchangeable arrays in this collection!  
Net Contents:
24 Eye shadows Net Wt. 15g
6 Lip glosses in pan Net Wt. 4.3g
2 Blushes Net Wt. 6.0g
3 Eye pencils Net Wt. 3.0g
1 Mascara Net Wt. 4.5ml
3 Double-ended applicators
1 Pencil sharpener
1 Empty compact

1999 INR
Available for 1899 INR at some online stores

Online Stores where you could purchase this-

What I Think About It!!!


Faces Bloom Collection comes in a Black Book style case made of thick laminated paper. 
There’s a flap that opens and one can see the contents through the transparent plastic underneath.  All the products are on a black plastic tray that goes in the Book style box.

The black tray is made of cheap plastic covered with a transparent plastic cover, equally flimsy which I feel should have been of a little better quality as the whole concept of everything together in one box doesn’t serve its purpose with the provided packaging and quality of it.


 All the 24 Eye Shadows, 6 Lip Glosses and 2 Blushes are in small trays of 4.5x4.5cm. Each tray can hold 1 Blush / 3 Lip Glosses / 4 Eye Shadows. 

So there are 6 trays for Eye Shadows, 2 for Lip Glosses and 2 for Blushes. These trays are made of very good black plastic. They fit in the empty palette provided. The empty palette with mirror can hold only three such trays at a time. So one can definitely carry a combination of any three things, say a blush, any one of the eye shadow tray and maybe one of the glosses tray and also the Double-ended applicators.

 But if one wishes to carry all things together, its really difficult because of the packaging. Taking out the flimsy tray from the box then removing the flimsy transparent cover to use the cosmetics and putting the tray back in the box is not really a comfortable and easy task if one is on the go or is in a rush. The whole packaging is so bad that most of the edges of the box got folded or damaged while shipment and the plastic tray does not easily go in. It takes a lot of time to put the whole thing in. There should have been either more empty palettes or maybe a larger palette so that the smaller trays can be kept permanently and the flimsy tray can be discarded. If not with the Bloom Collection empty palettes should have been available for purchase separately.

Quality of the cosmetics and the tools:

All the eye shadows are well pigmented but most of them will need a base. The colours are nice and bright. No repetitions. These can be used for different looks and occasions.

The lip glosses do not have any colour and seem to be the same on application. It would have been good if they had some colour. They do not last as well. The quantity is too little. It would have been better if the glosses would have been in small tubes or vials for ease of usage. One ends up spoiling the glosses while taking out or putting in the trays.
The two blushes are good. Good pigmentation and lasts long. One is a little darker than the other. The darker one has shimmer in it. So it can be used as per mood, occasion and skin tone.  

The three eye pencils are okay but not that great. They are not smudge proof. 

(The swatches of the Eye Shadows, Lip glosses, Blush and Eye Pencils coming up in the following post. :) )

The brushes are not that great. One will need brushes, especially for blush and eye shadows.

The mascara is okay if one does not plan to cry or makes sure her eyes don’t get wet as its not water resistant. :-P 

The sharpener does its work well

What works for Me:
·         Eye Shadows are of very good quality, worth the money
·         Blushes are equally good. The two different shades is even better
·         The empty palette is useful but could have been bigger or more in number. .
·         With this price for so many make-up products together, it is surely value for money
·         One gets so many eye shadows together.

What doesn't work for Me:
·         Not completely travel friendly
·         Packaging is poor
·         Mascara, brushes, eye pencils and lip glosses could have been of a little better quality.
·         Availability issues
·         Could have added an eyeliner

Overall I think as a MUA I will surely benefit from this Bloom Collection by Faces because I do get all these products in once place (which makes my life more sorted in some ways) and moreover the eyeshadow and blush are pigmented which will give me the much needed texture while doing a Party Make-up or Bridal or whatever the occasion maybe. This Collection can be used for individual purpose also. The things that I had expected much more was definitely the packaging which turned out to be a big disappointment and that the quality could have been better.

Next- The swatches of these products

Have you tried Faces Bloom Collection? What do you think about this review? Share in the comments section below!

<3 Stay Happy, Feel Pretty!!! <3


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