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Review - Lakme 3 in 1 Aqua Shine Lip Color in Fig

By Nivedita

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Today I will be reviewing the Lakme 3 in 1 Aqua Shine Lip Color in FIG 
Color + Gloss + Conditioner                                                            

Directions for Use as per the Brand:

Remove cap. Twist body of pen until the lip color is seen at the tip of the nib. Apply on lips for a smooth glossy finish.

Net Contents: 2.55ml

Price: 450 INR

Shelf Life is about 3 years (I'm guessing) as the Manufacturing date was on the transparent plastic wrap which I disposed off. L But the Use Before date is 07/2015 and I remember I bought this sometime in October, 2012. J

I could find 7 different shades at the Shopper’s Stop Lakme counter out of which I chose this shade- Fig. The other shades are Wildberry. Wine, Fig, Truffle, Plum, Cocoa and Orchid.

What I Think About It!!!

This lip color was first launched a few years back and then re-launched with a new packaging and new price. This has become a hot favourite with many. 

The new packaging and the improved product is even better.The old packaging had the same shape and size but the outer packaging of each was of the same color as the lip color.


The Lip color comes in a pen form. The body is made of black plastic and the details are printed in silver and mauve. There is a ½ cm thick band just below where the cap ends in the same color as the lip color.
The tip of the pen, which is the applicator is white in color and made of plastic with a velvety finish.
At the bottom side of the pen, a small round sticker (in the same color as the lip colour) says the name of the shade- Fig.


The product is everything that it claims it to be.  
 - Lip Color
 - Lip Gloss
 - Lip Conditioner

The color is well pigmented and opaque and covers pigmented lips well. Does not need any base before application. Though the lip color is well pigmented, it looks very natural. Specially Fig looks very natural on my lips that are more towards the darker shade.
It gives a good shine to the lips, perfect as a gloss. Again, looks very natural.
It does keep the lips soft and moisturised.

The colour stays on for 2-3 hours
Once applied, it stays on for about 2-3 hours if I don’t eat or sip anything. With time the color and shine of the gloss reduces but a light tint of the color remains which makes the lips look pretty naturally.
One needs to twist the upper part of the pen to get the product on the tip. Its wise to be a lil slow while twisting as one may end up wasting the product. The applicator tip is designed in a way that it makes application very easy, hassle free and glides on lips very well.
One needs to use makeup remover or baby oil to remove the lip color completely.

What works for Me:

-  The color looks perfect on my lips.
-  Packaging is great and very easy to carry.
-  Smells good, no bad smells.
-  Easily available.
-  Can be used daily.
-  Works well as a lip color, gloss and balm.
-  All the other colors look good. The variety will help choose a color suitable for different skin tones.
-  Non messy.
-  I feel 2.55ml is not bad for the product.

What doesn't work for Me:

-  Staying power could have been better.
-  450 INR is on the pricier side if the staying power is taken in consideration.

Have you tried Lakme 3 in 1 Aqua Shine Lip Color in Fig or any other shades? Please share your experience with us!

<3 Stay Happy, Feel Pretty!!! <3


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