Saturday, 6 July 2013

Pink Profit by Lakme

By Anisha

I've been following quite a few nail trends ever since my interest in make-up and fashion grew. I have always noticed how a humble nail paint can change a person's overall look and add colour to an outfit or just the personality as a whole. 
I'v always been an admirer but never really a nail paint addict or anything close to that. I would always look at the lightest shade available and buy those. But this time I decided to make an expection. But why? Because I promised that through this blog you will definitely find me experimenting a lot. :) 

So what do I have in here to experiment with today?
"Pink Profit" from the Lakme 9 to 5 Long Wear range

Lakme recently launched its 9 to 5 range. My research shows me that this collection was in the stores in June 2013.

I had been wanting to buy a Nail Paint from this range the moment I got to know about it. So I went to the store to check out what all shades Lakme had brought out this time. I was obviously looking for a shade which was light yet added that much needed oomph to my hands ;) but the all the SA showed me was darker shades which I obviously didn't like. Though I will agree that some of the shades were really nice but then they were surely darker for my liking.

After much convincing the SA managed to make me try this shade- Pink Profit. I initially thought this shade was as usual too dark for me. But on application what do I see...

This shade was more of a nice Coral than a Pink. 

I liked the shade and though this definitely looked very bright on me but it did in a way make my hand look prettier. =)
This is exactly how it looks on my hand. 

While clicking the pic on right I used a dark object (here this phone) to show you guys the shade of this lovely nail colour.

As, you can clearly see my hand is tanned thanks to my travels and date with the hot n happening Sun. The colour still manages to make my hand look a tad bit bright.

Lets get to the details of this Nail Paint now-

Size- 9 ml
Price- Rs. 200
Shade Name- As mentioned above- Pink Profit
Range- 9-5 Long Wear Nail Paint
Drying time- Since the bottle suggests applying two coats, it fairly took 4 minutes to dry
Suitability on 1 Coat- It gives a limited coverage on applying just a coat. In fact had 1 coat worked, I would have definitely gone for that topped with a transparent coat to seal in the gloss.  

What Do I Think About This? 

I really like the way it adds a bit of brightness to my hand and makes it look good. I also like that the nail paint isn't exactly Pink but has more of Coral in it.

So Does This Work for Me?

Oh yes baby. It surely does. I'm glad I experimented and I'm totally loving this right now. Although I still feel this is a bit over the top for me. But I don't mind it till this lasts. 

Sorry about the blurred picture. I clicked this from a phone with a basic camera.

So what do you think about this colour on my nail? Please leave your comments. 

Thank you for reading this post. Will be back with more such experiments and experiences.

"love the life you live
live the life you love."
- Bob Marley

P.S- All the pictures are taken by the Blogger. Should you want to use any picture, please drop a line at Your honesty will be appreciated.

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