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Blackcurrants, Popsicle and a Lot More is not just an ordinary blog.

This blog is surely different.

How you ask? Well, to begin with this blog will have its share of make-up and fashion journey of the Blogger who is a self- confessed novice in Make-up. So what's new in that you ask? Honestly, there is a lot to explore, experiment and exchange and experience. (Wow! That’s a lot of E’s) And all the E’s will be done right here.

The “a Lot More” in this blog will be all about Food, Books, Travel, Shopping (Obvious isn’t it) and stuff which make people sit up and take notice of things around us- All things that make the blogger who she is.
The Blogger still maintains- This blog is surely different.

Yes, yes explanation is a must. This blog will be a first of its kind (Guessing. Hoping.) because here not only will you all have a Novice but also a ‘Make-up Expert’. Yes indeed. A combination that can only produce Coolness, Hotness and a lot more ;). That’s not all. Both of these girls are based in two different cities so that definitely means a double dose of all their insights and experiences. Not to forget the Make-up Expert's frequent make-up related updates.

So who are the people in question?

Anisha- The make-up novice in Delhi. A Development Professional by day, a dreamer by evening and a hopeless lazy bum by night. Loves her profession, animals, books and most importantly food.
Nivedita- The Make-up Expert, Hair Stylist and Cosmetologist. (Wow!) Nivedita is based in Kolkata and will contribute regularly to this blog with her reviews on make-up products, make-up techniques and more.

Here’s hoping that this grand entry to the world of blogging receives all your encouragement, appreciation and love.
Thank you for taking out time to visit Blackcurrant, Popsicle and a Lot More. Don’t forget to leave your comments behind.

Should you have any queries, suggestions, opinions, PR requests or just want to drop in a line, mail us at bpaalm@gmail.com. Rest assured, no mail will go unanswered. Promise!

Keep reading. Keep loving. Stay Happy

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