Monday, 8 July 2013

Rimmel London Volume 020 Sassy- Review

By Anisha

A couple of months back I was browsing sites like Ebay and Slassy for some Rimmel London products that I could lay my hands on. Again wanted some light shades and something that didn't make me feel all made up. (This is one of the fears I always have when I apply Make-up. I'm always very scared of looking like a Christmas Tree)

While browsing through Ebay I found two lipsticks by Rimmel London that looked good to be used everyday without looking over the top.
One was Rimmel London Volume 020 Sassy and the other was Rimmel London Lasting Finish 034 Drop of Sherry.

Today I am going to review 020 Sassy.

020 Sassy swatch without using Flash
Swatch using Flash

I wanted to do a very short and crisp review for this Lipstick in terms of words and since I had clicked a lot of pics, out of which I have uploaded quite a few here. So thought I'd rather let the pics/ swatches do the talking this time.

 This shade is currently out of stock everywhere that I have searched online. So I can't really point out to a particular website where you could buy this from.

Though showing you the Swatches of this Lipstick makes little sense because skin tone, liking etc varies from person to person. I have still included swatches of this Lipstick in my post since I wanted to show the shade, pigmentation etc

Rimmel London Volume 020 Sassy

What I can tell you about this Lipstick if you haven't found out looking at the swatches is that it is definitely pigmented. 
Here are the Product details

Shade- 020 Sassy
Price- $ 7.99
Bought from- Ebay
Lasts Long?- Well. It does. If I swipe twice, it stays on for good three hours i.e. if i am not sipping something constantly. It definitely goes lighter in these three hours though.
Effect on Lips- Lips do stay moisturised. I've always used the lipstick as it is, without a lip balm prior to applying this.
Cruelty free- According to the Peta Website, Rimmel London certainly tests on animals.

So here is my list of what worked for me and what didn't-

What Worked

- That fact that it is inexpensive
- The shade is extremely wearable for me
- The lipstick leaves a minty feeling after application which does make the lips feel good
-It does last for a good amount of time
- Can be used during the day as well as evenings

What Didn't Work

- My top most concern here is that this product is not cruelty free
- This shade is unavailable in all the online stores I checked out, which means I will not be able to repurchase this.
- The Lipstick bleeds a bit during summers and is easily transferable.

On the whole I felt this was a decent buy and since I have been using it for quite some time now I can safely say Sassy didn't burn a hole in my pocket. I do like wearing this shade frequently.

Hope you enjoyed reading this Post. Please do drop your comments.Will be back soon with my review of the other Lipstick I bought- Rimmel London Lasting Finish 034 Drop of Sherry..

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same. "
- Coco Chanel

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